Halloween Party

Any successful event takes a lot of work and effort from a number of people, organizations and donation from many . Tonight was one of the most successful events in a long time and the number of people that worked together to bring the Halloween Party at the Centralia Community Youth Center to the front deserves a lot of thank you and pats on the back.

Brittney Singleton (face painting) outstanding job and the kids loved it they didnt want her to stop, the Salvation Army and the outstanding addition to the food menu. Rev Ron Johnson, Lisa Coleman, Nicole Brooks, Emily Jones,and the many other individuals that came over to help make this a great evening, makes us grateful that you share the concern for our children that many of us do. . We will not forget all of the members of MDM and SIS for their hard work and williness to give so much for our youth and of course the Staff of CCYC Pat, Mike,Heather, Monica, at the Centralia Youth Center and members of the board John, Pat, Marva, Marilyn and to all the others we thank you and so does the 433 individuals at last count that came thru the door.

Thank you, the kids and parents thank you and the City of Centralia thank you and GOD bless.